Sunday, February 28, 2010

renovation pictures

Kevin putting the last piece of floor in.

Puddy sitting on the ledge.

Looking into living room from computer area.

Dina working on the floor.

Brindle trying to figure out why we are still working down here.

One of the many corners and trim!

Bathroom corner.

All Done!!!

computer area

Thursday we got the carpet tore out and the floor ready with felt and plastic. Saturday we layed floor all day. We started around 9am and finished up around 5:30pm. Sunday Kevin worked on trim for several hours and we are at last done.

We still need to get curtains up, but at least the hard part is finally done.



Monday, February 22, 2010

trim work ahhh

The trim was quite difficult to make look nice, and thankfully Kevin has the patience and skills to take his time and keep trying. We can finally say the living room is finished. (besides decorating, curtains, blinds, etc.)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

new floor

Here is, finally, a picture of the almost finished room. Kevin is working on the trim as I write this. :-)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still doing Home Improvements

Finally we have begun working in the family area downstairs. After 3 long months of holidays, visiting, being just too tired, we are well on our way. I painted one wall with the original color we picked out, and we decided it was too dark. If it were in any room upstairs, it would probably work, but being in a daylight basement, we felt it would feel too cave-y. (yes I like to make up words) So we went with a lighter color, and it looks great. We tore up carpet yesterday and got part of the new flooring laid.
It snowed again last night so Kevin is out snow blowing our drive and the neighbor lady's, then after a coffee break, we will begin another days work.

too dark

a little brighter

before the tear-up

a lot of back breaking work

looking so much better!


After a long trek through knee deep snow, we made it to the primo sledding hill. Allison, Emmy and I had a fun evening of sledding. Emmy, being from Peurto Rico. had never been sledding, so it was fun sharing with him. We took Brindle with us because she has always loved chasing the sleds down the hill, I was a little afraid she might not be up for it being 13 years old, but she had so much fun!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Church web site

I told a couple of you I would put our church web site on here. They have sermons you can watch online. We really enjoy the sermons and hope you will too.

After posting this, I had to make sure the link worked, and had to watch some of the sermon from a couple of weeks ago. Like I've mentioned before, I really enjoy the sermons and feel God talking to me through them.

Sorry it took me so long to share the site with you.


Guess what, it's snowing!

I can't believe it's already February. January just flew by! Kevin and I have been keeping pretty busy.

After the kids went back to school, we got the house back in pre-holiday order. One weekend we headed to Centerville. We hadn't been down there for quite a while. Nicole was hosting a baby shower for Kylee. It was nice seeing everyone. This past weekend, Kevin and I began painting in the living room downstairs. So the renovating begins again...

So far we have gotten the trim work done. It takes several coats to cover the green, but I think it is finally finished. Now we will begin with the walls, and eventually we will get to the floors.

Kevin has begun taking a German class twice a week, and is enjoying learning that language.