Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Break II

It is already Saturday the 2nd of January. Kevin and I will be going back to work on Monday and the kids will head back Tuesday or Wednesday. We have all been enjoying spending time with each other. We had a quiet Christmas eve. A storm was bearing down on us, so we went to the early church service at 1:30. We came home and made chicken wings and snacky foods. We had a great evening. Christmas we awoke to rain instead of snow, but we had so much snow on the ground already, it was okay with us. We had our usual breakfast of orange rolls and egg bake casserole after we opened gifts. We all enjoyed a quiet day and had fun with our new toys and each other.

Monday we were going to head to Minneapolis to do a little shopping, but we woke up and the roads were all icy and travel wasn't advised, so we stayed home and watched movies and homemade donuts. Yum! Tuesday we made the trip to Minnesota. Kris and Melinda drove the Vue and Kevin, Allison and I took the new Fusion. This was the first time we took it out since driving it home from the dealer on Tuesday. On the way home we switched vehicles. (We took both vehicles because our goal was to find a tv table for Kris and maybe a bookcase as well at the Ikea store)
Both Melinda and Kevin got new GPS's for Christmas, so we had fun using those. We ate at the Ikea store and had a delicious apple cake for dessert. The past two days our goal was to find the right recipe and try making it. Allison found one that looked like it might be the right one, and we made it this morning. Not quite enough apples, but that will be an easy fix, I'll just add more next time.

We finally have Kris's room finished. We sorted through all of his things, and finally got them out of Allison's room. We took one box of stuff to the second hand store, threw away some things, and are even freecycling his old tv. Now after we take Christmas things down, we will be able to move on to the living room and computer area.
Last night we had a record breaking cold night. -19 degrees. Brr! The next several days it will be like this too. Oh well, winter in Iowa, what can you expect.

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