Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Watts Christmas Bash 2009

Monday after Thanksgiving, I dragged box after box of Christmas things into the house to warm up so I could decorate later in the week. Kevin and I finished up all the trim in Kris's room, and we started preparing for the next round of holiday cheer. One short week after Thanksgiving, the Watts family arrived. We had tons of food, lots of laughter, and really had a good time visiting. Almost everyone stayed in the same hotel in Waterloo, so on Saturday we went there, and most of the younger people swam and had a good time while us "old" folks just sat around in the warm pool area and visited. Watts were the only people in the pool area that night, I think we scared off anyone who might of wanted to go swimming.

We got to celebrate Garrett's 14th birthday while everyone was there, we got an ice cream cake from DQ. :-)

I think Kevin and I have a new record for guests there were 31 of us here!

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