Saturday, November 7, 2009

No happy thoughts right now, I'm home sick with H1N1. Kevin is in NC for work (he's been sick too, and is almost better). I'm tired of watching TV, and I am still feeling awful. I am feeling better than yesterday, and yet hopefully not as good as I will tomorrow.

This past week we had to get rid of Zoey, she had been attacking Brindle for no apparent reason. It's been happening off and on for the past 2 months. We tried everything we could think of, talked with a behaviorist, the vet, a no kill shelter, had blood work done to make sure she wasn't sick, and decided we couldn't keep her. It was really sad (and still is).

I was sitting out back today in our 70 degree weather figuring the fresh air might do me some good, and one of our neighbors was outside. She started to come over and I told her I was sick, so she stayed away. We talked a few minutes and we both went in. About an hour later, she was out front raking our leaves. (our house was the only one that had leaves on the lawn. everyone took advantage of this nice day to get yard work done.) She called her son home from college (here in town) and they both got the job done in short order. Later she called and asked if I needed any soup or 7-up. What a nice woman!

Well, I'm going to go lay down again, and flip through the channels.

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