Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall has arrived!

The weather has changed, there's a chance of frost tonight! The leaves are beginning to change, and my favorite season has begun.


Another sad time in the Watts Family. Kevin's mom passed away last week after a long year of health problems and nursing homes. The only bright side of last week was everyone getting together to celebrate her life. All the "kids" were there along with all of their children, grandchildren etc. It was great seeing everyone!

I got these bottom photos from Geniveive, my niece. She wrote...

"just part of the fam at breakfast before my g-mas funeral. there were only 23 of us there"

I counted up how many there were of us just counting Kevin's brothers, sisters, their children + significant others and their children. An even 40!

I love this family photo I know it is in another post, but I just wanted to share it again. Taken May 2003.