Monday, August 24, 2009

$10 Garage Sale Chair

Last weekend, Kevin and I went garage saleing trying to find a good used chair for Kris's dorm room. We found one for only $10! what a great deal!

So, we plan for a quick trip to Ames. We knew we would be gone all day and into the evening, so we took the dogs to the kennel for an overnight stay. We filled up with gas, and I bought a coupon on for an Ames restaurant and away we went. While on campus, we took the kids to the book store and bought their books for the semester. (the ones we couldn't find online) Allison had desk duty so she couldn't join us for dinner, but we took Kris and Melinda to dinner. After filling up our gas tank again, and getting a drink for the road, we added up our day and figured out that quick, one day trip to take a $10 chair to our son, cost us $1000. What a day!

This is a fun story to tell, but we knew we were going to have that $900 bill for books. Isn't it incredible how much college books cost? Allison had this thin 1/4 in thick book and a cd for her 300 level spanish class - $160. And one of Kris's books cost $208. We go online and look for cheaper/used ones, and sometimes we can find them, and sometimes not. This semester we were only able to find 3. One for Kris and two for Allison. Every little bit helps though.

College classes began today, and both kids were busy getting into the swing of things again. I go back on Wednesday. I'm a little excited to get back, but I've had a great summer, and wish it were a little bit longer. Oh well...

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Margo said...

Love the $10 garage sale chair - it looks like it will be quite a nice addition to Kris's room.

The story is wonderful - you will be able to get many many miles out of it at dinners and gatherings with friends, etc.

Hope you enjoy your first day of school tomorrow!