Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mall of America

Thursday we (Kris, Allison, Grandma and I) got up early and left the house by 8:00. We drove for 3 hours and went shopping in Minneapolis at the Mall of America. My mom had never been, so we enjoyed sharing this HUGE mall with her. We enjoyed lunch in the food court overlooking the amusement park, and walked and walked for 3 hours. It always amazes me, we only go in a handful of stores, and yet we take 3 hours to do it, and that was a quick trip. We then went across the parking lot to the IKEA store. That was even more fun. We looked in there for 2 hours, and had fun dreaming of what we could do with our homes. We headed home and we were gone for almost exactly 12 hours. What a whirlwind day!

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