Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A House Full

This title says it all. Remember I had mentioned in earlier posts that I didn't know how I would spend my summer with the kids gone for the first time? Well, they have both been home all month, along with their friends. My mom came over for 3 weeks, and we had our 9 year old niece for 4 days as well. Then Kevin's brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew and their 4 children, ages 9 - 3 came this past Sunday just for the day on their way through town. Wow! We have really enjoyed the time with family, but what a different summer then I had originally thought.

Kris and Allison go back the first week of August. They are both RA's in the dorms at Iowa Stated, and Kris was just offered a Teaching Assistant position. They have to get back early for training, decorating, and just being there when their residents move in.

July has been a great month, but we've had a house full!

Elizabeth - our great niece ( one of the four that came to visit this week)

Grandma on the scooter showing the kids she could still play.

Sunee Slip-n-Sliddin'

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