Monday, June 29, 2009

June 2009

Lots of photos. Not exactly the layout I wanted, but it's time consuming moving them around, so...

*no, Melinda doesn't use a life vest for swimming, she was waiting for her turn on the jet ski.

*Emmy and Allison jumping in - it looks like Emmy is standing on the lake.

Wow, where has the month gone? School got out for me on June 5th and I've been busy ever since. The first week I did a lot of long overdue cleaning (closets, carpets, etc.) The second week off I had a Dr. appointment, a massage gift certificate I needed to use, and an appointment at the hair salon, and I had to get everything ready to take up to the lake the following week.

This past Monday, June 22nd, (my 3rd week off) we headed up to Clear Lake, Iowa.
It's only an hour and a half from us, and we have been going for 6 or 7 years now. We always enjoy the slow pace of life up there. We rent a cabin/cottage (nothing fancy, just a place to sleep and cook and relax). We fished, played on a jet ski, did the Fort Custer maze, took walks, rode bikes, played games, and we swam, swam and swam some more. We went to see the movie Up, grilled out, ate out, and over all had a wonderful, relaxing week. Both Kris and Allison were able to join us for the weekend Friday - Sunday. They both brought their boy/girlfriends. The weather ranged from 110 heat index Monday and Tuesday, tornado watch Tuesday with wind and rain, and then slowly it began to cool off, by Sunday, it was down to 78 degrees for a high. We had a great time. I think it was one of our best times up there so far.

*Dina enjoying the day. :-)

We took the dogs to a kennel there in Clear Lake and we "broke them out" twice and took them swimming, Zoey loved jumping off the dock, Brindle wouldn't, I can't blame her, she is almost 12 yrs. old.

*no, Zoey didn't actually land on Kevin's head

We got home last night. (Sunday)

*Allison and Kevin jumping together

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