Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

It has been a great weekend. Friday Kevin and I headed south to Centerville for a short 24 hour visit. We got to visit with Kevin's mom in the nursing home, play with nieces and nephews, have a BBQ, visit with brothers and sisters + spouses, and we even got to stop in Pella on the way home to see the tulips. This was their Tulip Time weekend. What fun! We took the dogs with us, and they loved playing with the kids. Zoey finally got worn out. That is a hard thing to do. Kevin takes her on runs, then we take a walk, and play in the yard with her, and still she acts like a puppy. They both slept the entire way home (3 hours).

This photo is of Garret (13) Sunee (almost9 - June 1) and Dalton (4).

This is the windmill in Pella, it is really neat, parts for it were built in Holland and assembled in Pella by Dutch craftsmen. The mill grinds wheat into flour using only wind power and is the tallest working windmill in the United States. We toured it a couple of years ago and it was so interesting. We wanted to buy some pastries while in Pella, they have delicious Dutch Letters, a YUMMY treat. But the line was a block long in both directions. We'll drive down another time to get some. I think we would have been in line an hour on Saturday, and that wasn't worth it. :-(

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