Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chippewa Falls Memorial Day Weekend

Greetings from Wisconsin!

Saturday we headed up to Chippewa Falls, a 4 hour drive from Cedar Falls for their annual bicycle ride. It's a little different this year, Kris hurt his knee a while back and doesn't feel up for the ride, I have only been on a bike one time so far this year and it was only 14 miles, so there's no way I'm heading out for 35 miles (or more, 50,75,or 100. Or like Kris last year, 65) Anyway as I'm writing this, Kevin and Allison are out along the beautiful WI country side pedaling away while Kris and I are here in the hotel. We all woke up and had a great breakfast, then Kris and I took Kevin and Allison to the ride. We saw them off and then drove around the lake, and into Eau Claire. We just had fun driving around talking and exploring different parts of town. Kris is now playing a video game and I am typing on the blog. The weather is perfect, it's about 63 degrees out right now and sunny. What a beautiful day. Just thought I would post a quick note. I'll do more later. So far we have toured the Leinenkugel brewery, drove around the lake, had a great dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and so far the best part of the trip has been the 2 hours Allison and I spent down at the pool last night just talking and talking. 2 hours of just us time. It was very special, we rarely get uninterrupted just us time. No shopping, no phones, and there was only one other boy in the pool, and he stayed at the other end. We went from hot tub, to pool, to hot tub again. The guys were asleep when we got back to the room at 10:30.

Soon we will go get Kevin and Allison and have lunch, the ride includes an all you can eat BBQ. Then we will go to the zoo, and then probably go to the lake for a while. This is such a beautiful part of the country. The kids ask why we stay the whole weekend up here when we could go home after the ride, we are done by 1:00, but Kevin and I enjoy this time away from home. We know we would be planning our next project, or mowing, or landry, etc. There is always something to do at home, so we spend the extra day up here and just relax. Ahh...

Oh, another special thing Allison and I did was go to a shoe store that was having a tent sale. The woman's shoes were on sale for 2 for $40. The men's were 2 for $45. The problem was finding the right size, you find a style, and they don't have your size, but it was a sale at a outlet store, what would you expect right? We ended up finding 3 pairs. (2 for me and one for Allison)We want to go back, but Kevin and Kris would probably have a fit, and we really don't need any more shoes.

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