Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ox Out Front

For those of you who have seen National Lampoo's Vacation, you will understand...

We drove (okay, I was driving) around for 20 minutes trying to find the Logging Museum. Finally an hour before they were to close, we found it. Whew. We drove down the long road, and seeing the lack of cars on the road we wondered if the place would be open. We got to the parking lot, it was empty. There were two cars way on the far side of the lot, and of course the statues of Paul and Blue the Ox out front. We were debating whether they were open or not, and Kevin said, "The ox out front should of told you, the museum's closed". We all thought it was hilarious.

Here is a little foot note about me...

I love, absolutely love, stopping at stupid roadside attractions. The more bizarre the better. I would love to drive down Rt. 66 and see all the old sites. That's why there's a photo of our family with Paul Bunyan and Blue and earlier this year one of us in a frying pan. I know I'm warped, my family tells me this all the time. They are good sports though and we have fun.

Wisconsin Photos

Turtle at the zoo.

Kevin after the ride waiting in line for lunch. :-)

Museum waiting for the video.

Even though this is fuzzy, I like the photo.

Kevin and Kris playing at Paul Bunyan's Logging Camp Museum.

Kevin, Kris and Allison reading some info at the Logging Camp.

Looking around while I set up the timer on the camera. he he he.

More Wisconsin Photos

The family at Paul Bunyan's Logging Museum. We really enjoyed this stop, it was very interesting, telling all about the logging in the Chippewa Valley.

Bear posing for his photo at the zoo.

Pig trying to eat my camera.

Kris bummed he couldn't ride.

Diana at Irvine park, Chippewa Falls.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chippewa Falls Memorial Day Weekend

Greetings from Wisconsin!

Saturday we headed up to Chippewa Falls, a 4 hour drive from Cedar Falls for their annual bicycle ride. It's a little different this year, Kris hurt his knee a while back and doesn't feel up for the ride, I have only been on a bike one time so far this year and it was only 14 miles, so there's no way I'm heading out for 35 miles (or more, 50,75,or 100. Or like Kris last year, 65) Anyway as I'm writing this, Kevin and Allison are out along the beautiful WI country side pedaling away while Kris and I are here in the hotel. We all woke up and had a great breakfast, then Kris and I took Kevin and Allison to the ride. We saw them off and then drove around the lake, and into Eau Claire. We just had fun driving around talking and exploring different parts of town. Kris is now playing a video game and I am typing on the blog. The weather is perfect, it's about 63 degrees out right now and sunny. What a beautiful day. Just thought I would post a quick note. I'll do more later. So far we have toured the Leinenkugel brewery, drove around the lake, had a great dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and so far the best part of the trip has been the 2 hours Allison and I spent down at the pool last night just talking and talking. 2 hours of just us time. It was very special, we rarely get uninterrupted just us time. No shopping, no phones, and there was only one other boy in the pool, and he stayed at the other end. We went from hot tub, to pool, to hot tub again. The guys were asleep when we got back to the room at 10:30.

Soon we will go get Kevin and Allison and have lunch, the ride includes an all you can eat BBQ. Then we will go to the zoo, and then probably go to the lake for a while. This is such a beautiful part of the country. The kids ask why we stay the whole weekend up here when we could go home after the ride, we are done by 1:00, but Kevin and I enjoy this time away from home. We know we would be planning our next project, or mowing, or landry, etc. There is always something to do at home, so we spend the extra day up here and just relax. Ahh...

Oh, another special thing Allison and I did was go to a shoe store that was having a tent sale. The woman's shoes were on sale for 2 for $40. The men's were 2 for $45. The problem was finding the right size, you find a style, and they don't have your size, but it was a sale at a outlet store, what would you expect right? We ended up finding 3 pairs. (2 for me and one for Allison)We want to go back, but Kevin and Kris would probably have a fit, and we really don't need any more shoes.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A quick Post

Just a quick post to add a few photos from the last week or so. I've been very busy at work getting the library ready to close down for the summer. At home we have been very busy as well, yard work, house work, making a few small repairs, moving kids, planning our Memorial Day weekend get-a-way, you know, the small every day tasks that seem to take forever to finish.

pretty sky :-)

Zoey loves the lake

Brindle shaking off after being in the lake, she looks goofy.

The seeds from the trees are incredible this year! It was windy yesterday and it looked like it was snowing. The grass is covered in them. There are two types the "helicopter" type and mini "sand dollar" seeds.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Marvelous Monday

Today has been a great day. I had the day off, and Kris and Allison are home as well as Emmy (Emmanuel). Kris and I got up early and had a great morning. Kris took Kevin's motorcycle out and I met him at Kevin's work. We visited with Kevin and his boss for a while and then went shopping for a motorcycle jacket for Kris, he has been wearing Kevin's but it is a little large. Kris went home and I went to the grocery store and got stuff for dinner. By that time, the late sleepers, Allison and Emmy were up and dressed. We had lunch and headed downtown. There are some really neat shops down there, and we had a great time visiting and looking at different, interesting things. Our favorite was Worlds Window. We enjoyed playing the weird instruments and laughing with the sales lady. When we left, she told us "We made her day". :-) We stopped in the coffee shop and had a Cup of Joe ( the name of the store). Kevin got off work and I joined him and we went to a farm west of town. The farm belongs to a couple from our small group from church. Our group has been meeting for about 3 months now. They needed some help programing their tractor, and that is what Kevin does at work. He teaches how to do that and writes the instruction manuals. Anyway, Kevin showed them how to do it and then took over for the wife. She took me back to the farmhouse and showed me around. They have 8 kittens, a garden, calves, a horse, you know, farm things. She even cut me a bag of rhubarb. We were there at the house an hour, and when we got back to the field, Kevin was finished tilling it, so we headed home. I had made layered bean dip and a relish tray after lunch, so I just threw the pork chops on the grill and dinner was ready in 20 minutes. The kids (4 of them now, Melinda came over after she was done with her work) had set the table, and started the grill. Now the kids are going bowling, and Kevin and I are going to bed. Yes we are old, but we both have to work in the morning. The kids go back Wednesday. They move into their summer dorms and start classes Monday. It's going to be a weird summer, this is the first time the kids won't be home.

Happy Mother's Day

It has been a great weekend. Friday Kevin and I headed south to Centerville for a short 24 hour visit. We got to visit with Kevin's mom in the nursing home, play with nieces and nephews, have a BBQ, visit with brothers and sisters + spouses, and we even got to stop in Pella on the way home to see the tulips. This was their Tulip Time weekend. What fun! We took the dogs with us, and they loved playing with the kids. Zoey finally got worn out. That is a hard thing to do. Kevin takes her on runs, then we take a walk, and play in the yard with her, and still she acts like a puppy. They both slept the entire way home (3 hours).

This photo is of Garret (13) Sunee (almost9 - June 1) and Dalton (4).

This is the windmill in Pella, it is really neat, parts for it were built in Holland and assembled in Pella by Dutch craftsmen. The mill grinds wheat into flour using only wind power and is the tallest working windmill in the United States. We toured it a couple of years ago and it was so interesting. We wanted to buy some pastries while in Pella, they have delicious Dutch Letters, a YUMMY treat. But the line was a block long in both directions. We'll drive down another time to get some. I think we would have been in line an hour on Saturday, and that wasn't worth it. :-(

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring is Here!

Spring is here!
Kevin and I planted some geraniums out front in planters this weekend, and on the way to school today I saw a pollen covered car. Literally, there was a blue car parked under a tree that must have exploded over night, and there was a very definite greenish yellow covering all over the car. The road around the car was the same color. It looked really cool. I hope to get a photo tomorrow, but I didn't have my camera with me today.
My lilacs are beginning to open, and daffodils are dying off and tulips are in full bloom.