Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Snow

Easter is almost here, and just in time we got our spring snow storm. Sunday morning we awoke to a cold wind blowing, hard pellets were stinging as we opened the door to let the dogs out. We could hear the wind and pellets hit the kitchen window. It was loud. We went to church, and by the time we were out, at least an inch of wet, heavy snow was on the ground. We visited with friends in the cafe area of the church for almost an hour. We could see the snow blowing and could barely see across the road at times. Kevin and I left and went out to eat for lunch and by that time, there were about 3 inches of snow on the ground. At last by 12:30 we were home. We watched the storm from our warm cozy house, I took lots of pictures (mostly from inside). I only ventured out when there was a lull in the storm. Then I bundled up, put on my snow boots and took the dogs out to play. Zoey loves the snow, and Brindle does for a while. They caught snowball after snowball, first one to Zoey, then one to Brin. Over and Over and Over...

Now it's Monday and the snow is mostly melted, almost 6 inches total. I'm glad it will be in the 50's this week.

Zoey and her favorite outside toy, her basketball. (Now Very Flat!)

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