Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

Spring break has already been here and gone. School again tomorrow morning. Last Sunday I took this photo of, as Kevin calls it, the "Watts Glacier". Then again today I took the second photo. It's almost gone. I have put up blockades and barriers to keep the dogs from going straight for the mud, it has helped a little. I still need to wipe their feet most trips outside though.

Allison had a great break, she went to Puerto Rico with two friends, one boy, one girl. They went to Old San Juan, the rain forest, the beach, and all in all, they had a great time. I hope to see some photos and get more details as the week goes on.

Kris just stayed at home and saw friends almost every night, he went to a movie, bowling, dinner, etc.

We took off last weekend and went to Minneapolis and went shopping at Ikea and the Mall of America, mostly looking, I think I spent $28. I know, I know big spender. But we had a great time.

This weekend we went to Centerville for a day. We saw Kevin's mom in the nursing home twice, and visited with Kevin's family. We saw lots of babies. It was great.

I just showed Kevin the blog and he suggested I put on a photo of the snow when it was really high, and I guess I didn't take one when it was at it's highest, but this one is pretty good. We sure had a lot of snow.

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