Saturday, March 7, 2009

Great Weekend

It's only Saturday evening and I've had a great weekend so far. Kevin and I both had yesterday off, so we got up and went out for breakfast. It was really nice. Then we had a little running around to do, groceries, misc. errands. It was nice sharing the day with him. Allison came home from Iowa state and brought her boyfriend Emanuel with her. We went out to eat at a favorite Mexican restaurant. I had a coupon from so we hardly had to pay anything. I had gotten the coupon for $2 and it was good for $25 off a purchase of $35 or more. I like getting good deals. :-)

This morning Kevin and I woke up at our usual time, and go figure, the two college kids slept in. Kevin dug out our old Italian coffee maker, the one you use on top of the stove. He used the coffee that Emanuel had brought us. We enjoyed a cup of strong coffee and got quite the jump start once the caffeine kicked in. I don't drink much caffeine, and I really felt it. I made an egg bake too. It turned out pretty good.

Allison, Emanuel, and I went shopping. They are going to Puetro Rico with another friend over spring break. Both Emanuel and Allison's other friend Jennifer are from there. So Allison is going to get to see some pretty cool sites. She will get to practice her Spanish too.

The kids have to head back first thing in the morning so we went to church this evening. Our new church has a 5:30 service. We had to hurry home from shopping and enjoy some chicken curry that I had ready for us to eat.

I've been reading a lot during the down times this weekend. I brought home 3 books from my library, all next year Iowa Children Choice candidates. I've finished one and a half so far. I love reading books for kids. They are quick and you don't have to worry about inappropriate things.

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kym said...

I love your blog! I wish I could eat the casserole with you!!! I love kids books,too. I am almost afraid to read adult books...they always have something in them that I didn't need in my head.