Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Frosty Morning

We awoke the other morining to a frosty suprise. It was beautiful outside, overnight the fog had rolled in and then quickly froze to everything. Kevin called from his way to work and suggested I take my camera with me when I leave and get a few pictures. I had already planned on it. I knew it wouldn't last very long once the sun came up.

It reminds me of another day just like this one when we lived in Sembach Germany. We went for a walk in the woods that day, it was so beautiful.

Then while I was looking through the photo album for this frosty photo, I came across this wonderful picture of some really cute kids. Wow, how time flies.

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kym said...

Wasn't that a fun Easter? The kids all running around in the pretty weather after brunch? I miss seeing you each week and eating at your house and playing!! I love reading your helps me stay connected to your family!