Sunday, February 22, 2009

Visiting Ames

Kevin and I headed to Ames to visit the kids yesterday. Friday night we got almost 3 inches of snow, and then 30+ mph winds followed. The road reports said the roads weren't impassable, so we headed out Saturday morning. There were only a few times when it got a little scary. Otherwise we had a clear, nice drive. Kevin grabbed some good CDs before heading out so we listened and sang along to Allen Jackson's Precious Memories Hymns CD on the way down and Garth Brooks hits on the way home. Garth is an old, old favorite of the family's. Every time we used to get into the car when Allison was only around 2, she would say "Garth daddy, Garth." But for those of you who knew her back then, it came out more like "Garf daddy, Garf." :-)

We picked up both kids, and headed out for a late lunch. We went to the mall after lunch and did a little shopping, then went back and visited in first Allison's room and then Kris'.

We left a note on Travis' door, and left a card, cookies, and a small gift for him with Allison. (He had gone home with a friend for the weekend) His 20th birthday is today. Happy Birthday Travis John! (Travis is my sister Kim's oldest son) We had a good time and headed home around 5:30.

We saw these tulips when we went to the store today, and Kevin knowing how much I love tulips picked them up for me. :-) Spring will be here before we know it.

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kimmie said...

I was doing okay with not being able to see Travis on his 20th birthday until I saw this photo of his 3rd birthday party - what a sweet boy he was (is)!