Sunday, February 22, 2009

Visiting Ames

Kevin and I headed to Ames to visit the kids yesterday. Friday night we got almost 3 inches of snow, and then 30+ mph winds followed. The road reports said the roads weren't impassable, so we headed out Saturday morning. There were only a few times when it got a little scary. Otherwise we had a clear, nice drive. Kevin grabbed some good CDs before heading out so we listened and sang along to Allen Jackson's Precious Memories Hymns CD on the way down and Garth Brooks hits on the way home. Garth is an old, old favorite of the family's. Every time we used to get into the car when Allison was only around 2, she would say "Garth daddy, Garth." But for those of you who knew her back then, it came out more like "Garf daddy, Garf." :-)

We picked up both kids, and headed out for a late lunch. We went to the mall after lunch and did a little shopping, then went back and visited in first Allison's room and then Kris'.

We left a note on Travis' door, and left a card, cookies, and a small gift for him with Allison. (He had gone home with a friend for the weekend) His 20th birthday is today. Happy Birthday Travis John! (Travis is my sister Kim's oldest son) We had a good time and headed home around 5:30.

We saw these tulips when we went to the store today, and Kevin knowing how much I love tulips picked them up for me. :-) Spring will be here before we know it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tracey Family Tree

How cool that this blog site has found a distant relative! A relative of Kevin's called me out of the blue today looking for info on the family tree. I had some info and gave her the name of someone who might know a little more.

The black and white photos are Harry Elver Watts (Kevin's Grandpa) and Delsie Tracey Watts (Kevin's Grandma) The boys are Kevin being held, and Kenny his older brother. These were taken in 1962.

The color photo is Delsie Tracey Watts and Kristopher Patrick Watts (Kevin and my son) taken 1987.


FAFSA, TAXES, Kris turning 23 and getting thrown off our insurance this year. I've got papers everywhere, phone numbers posted around the monitor... February, what a fun time of year.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kevin's View

Kevin is in Corpus Christi, Texas this week attending a class for John Deere. He is enjoying the warm weather and sent me this photo he took on his cell phone. It is from his balcony to his hotel room. Beautiful! Sometimes I miss the south, and then I remember how hot it gets in the summer, and how sticky humid it gets. I'm not sure which is worse, icy snowy yuck, or hot humid buggy yuck. Humm.... I guess I need to start traveling more and enjoy it all.

A Frosty Morning

We awoke the other morining to a frosty suprise. It was beautiful outside, overnight the fog had rolled in and then quickly froze to everything. Kevin called from his way to work and suggested I take my camera with me when I leave and get a few pictures. I had already planned on it. I knew it wouldn't last very long once the sun came up.

It reminds me of another day just like this one when we lived in Sembach Germany. We went for a walk in the woods that day, it was so beautiful.

Then while I was looking through the photo album for this frosty photo, I came across this wonderful picture of some really cute kids. Wow, how time flies.