Monday, January 5, 2009

Change of Plans

The day after I wrote the previous post, we woke up, Kevin was feeling great, and no one else was sick, so we decided to head to Illinois to visit my mom, my sister and her family. At first everyone was on board about going, and as we were packing, the kids decided they would rather stay home and see friends who they had only seen once since school started. At first I was disappointed they didn't want to join us for some more good old-fashioned Christmas family time, but then decided we have been together so much, it might just be nice just Kevin and me going. So we did. I felt bad for my sister, first I told her we weren't coming, then only two days later... surprise!

We had a great time staying up talking, going out for pizza, and making Christmas doughnuts ( a long time family tradition going into it's 4th generation ).

After we came home on New Year's Eve, we went to our friends house and rang in the new year with homemade pizza, skip-bo and tv scene it. (there were questions we actually knew with tv shows like charlie's angles, MASH, and many more that we grew up watching.)It was a lot of fun.

Allison and Ben made my mom's famous peanut butter balls, the other day. They turned out really well. A little too well, we've almost finished them.

Allison is enjoying her new guitar, she is practicing and sounding quite well!

Kris has decided to learn the guitar. He's mentioned a couple of times in recent years that he would like to start playing one, but this break, I dug out my old one for him to use and he is really doing well. One afternoon, he practiced for two hours.

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