Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow, Snow, and more Snow!

School on Thursday was exciting and fun, all the teachers knew or suspected we wouldn't have school on Friday, a major snow storm was headed for North East Iowa. So that night, Kevin gassed up the snow blower, and we hunkered down for the night. Around midnight it began, and by 4:00am, we had about 7 inches of snow on the ground. Kevin got up and snow blowed and shoveled our drive and the widow ladies down the street. He came back and our driveway neighbors couldn't get their snow blower started and they were shoveling their long drive by hand. Kevin of course helped them too. He finally came in around 7:00am. School had been canceled for me, and Allison was safely in bed, home from college already. Kris was still at Iowa State, but he wasn't coming home till Saturday. Kevin headed off to work, and Allison and I had a nice relaxing day wrapping presents, and getting things ready for Christmas. We got an additional 5 inches before noon when the snow finally stopped. A foot of snow. Wow! It is beautiful, and definitely Christmas-y looking.

Today, Saturday, we awoke to weather reports of a blizzard beginning around 2:00pm. Kris was on duty at school until 3:00, and then he would have that 1 1/2 hour drive home. He called around 9:00am and said he may have to stay for a couple of days, this new storm is supposed to last until late on Sunday. Thankfully there were several RA's still at school, and they were all calling the head person in charge over there asking if they could take off early to beat the storm. They agreed to let them go at 1:00, so Kris headed out. He called us when he got onto interstate 35, and he said the road conditions weren't too bad, just a little drifting across the road, he was able to go about 60 mph. Then he called when he got onto hwy 20, he was in whiteout conditions and driving very slow. At times it would improve, and then get bad again. But he made it, and yes we are definitely having a blizzard, the wind is howling outside, and the snow is blowing off roofs and the snow piles, we have gotten another 4 or so inches of snow today. I am so glad we are all inside warm and dry.

Brindle and Zoey love playing in the snow. I always thought Brindle was a nut when she played in the snow, running at full speed, catching snowballs, and bouncing around like a puppy. But Zoey, being a puppy, is quite crazy, she sticks her head in the snow and runs. She comes up covered in snow, only her eyes and grin showing color. Allison was going into hysterics watching her do this. She said Zoey is like a train with the snow plow on the front. Let's hope she doesn't run into a rock or stump or something. :-)

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Margo said...

WOW!!!! Looks amazing.
I'm glad Kris made it home safely.