Sunday, November 30, 2008

Post Thanksgiving

Kris and KC have been home for the past week, it's been great having them spend time with us. We've had a great time together. I had to work Monday and Tuesday and they did laundry and vacuumed for me. Kris called me at work on Monday and told me that the new vacuum I bought earlier this month didn't work. It was just making a cloud of dust everywhere. I told him to not do anymore of the house, and he replied that they had already finished. When I got home, I noticed right away that the dial to change where the suction comes from was turned to hose, so they were going around the house sucking up the dirt and dust and spewing it out the hose. Kris was so matter of fact he said "Well, I guess tomorrow we will dust."

Both Kris and KC helped with the Thanksgiving dinner. It is so great having help, and they did a great job. Today KC and her boyfriend Ben helped make lunch. It is so nice having such good children that are willing to help out.

My mom, sister and nephew came for a visit Friday and Saturday. It was great having them here. We haven't seen them since June. How time flies. We ate Thanksgiving leftovers Friday and ventured out to do a little shopping and to eat at the Olive Garden Saturday before they left. While we were in the restaurant, I got a weather alert on my cell phone. We were going to get a pretty good storm and sure enough...

KC planned on going home tomorrow (her first class doesn't start till 2:00pm.) but Kris left this evening to go back to school. He got 30 miles down the road and turned around, there were at least a dozen cars in the ditch. He was traveling only around 15 mph at times. (it took him 2 hours to go those 30 miles and get back.) He was going to keep going because it is only a 90 mile drive, but I checked the road conditions web site and the road he was about to get on was marked as completely ice covered and towing services were not available, so if he went in the ditch, he would be stuck there till at least tomorrow. After returning home, we checked the road conditions again, and now travel is not advised. We've gotten about 5 inches of snow since last night and the temperature has been hanging around 33 all day. Now that night has come, temps are dropping and roads are icing up, and travel is not advised. Kris has a class at 10:00am so he is hoping the snow plows will get an early start de-icing in the morning.

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Margo said...

Would you send me your snowy tree photo??? I want it as my background for a few days.