Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kris and KC's Birthdays

Kris and Allison (KC) are doing well in school, I can't believe they only have one more month and the semester will be over. Time sure flies!

KC turned 19 on September 12th. We drove down to Ames to spend the day with her. We went down to Des Moines, and shopped at Jordan Creek Mall and went out to dinner. We went to Joe's Crabshack and Kris was kind enough to tell our waiter about KC's birthday. The staff proceded to embarrass KC sufficiently by singing a funny song to her and having her hulahoop while they did. We all had a fun night, we are so enjoying watching our kids grow into adulthood.

Kris turned 22 on November 1st, he came home that weekend so we ended up taking him and his girlfriend Melinda to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. We were nice to Kris and didn't let the staff know it was his birthday. It's hard to believe 22 years ago I brought a 4 lb 9 oz baby home from the hospital. He was so little...

God is so good!

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